E-Mail: Nicox AT Club-BG.Org
Phone (BG): +359 883 442 886


Nikolay Dimitrov (Nicox a.k.a DjBS) was born in Belene, Bulgaria, in 1991. He makes his first steps in music in 2002, when he started producing Hip-Hop tracks with samples in E-Jay. Later he realized that this isn't his style and started listening to dance and electro music like Benassi Bros. In 2005 he started making mixes but only for fun, nothing else. In 2007 he recorded his first set in Progressive House style and shared it on Internet. They liked what he made and gave him confidence to continue with his work. Later he start working as DJ in the local club. In October 2008 He produced his first song without samples. He was proud with himself... but when he played the track in the club, only a few people liked it so he lost confidence. But not so much that not to start his next project in December 2008 - Jingle Bells. He played it from Christmas to New Year party because everyone liked the track and everyone wanted him to play it again and again. In 2009 He began to make hard efforts to make something better that he can release it. He makes a lot of tracks, some for fun (including remixes of songs who his like) and some for digital labels. And with a lot of advice from his friends producers and supported by remixes from DJ ICO he released his first album "Town of Lost Sound" in January 2010. The style of the release was Tech House which is actual for him. Now he has better sound and better skills to make tracks for his next releases.


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